Pandemics can be a real economy-crippling phenomenon and sadly, we have experienced that in recent times. But there is a silver lining to it all as we keep the wagon moving forward by working from home. Apps like Zoom for video conferencing have given us the power to connect with people around the world, even on these hard days. So, coming to the point, it is obviously a great idea to invest in apps like Zoom. If you are a business trying to make the most of the pandemic situation, what you could do is create a Zoom-like platform for your business so that you can help your employees communicate securely within your organization. It’s not very hard to do and only takes very little time. I’ll tell you how but first I would like to mention something else too. If you are also looking to start a business during this lockdown period, making a platform like Zoom is also a great idea. Zoom is already very popular and the fact is that due to heavy usage, people are finding it difficult to connect with others especially on slower internet connections. But luckily, you can make your own app like Zoom using a Zoom clone script. Zoom clones are application scripts that have all the functionality of popular video conferencing solutions and you can customize them into your own brand. These clones are a great idea because they allow you to make a fully-functional application without having to spend months on development. All you have to do is contact a good app development company that makes Zoom clone scripts and ask them to modify it for your business. Hope this helps

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