PassUp - Letgo Clone Product | On-demand Classified Script | Trioangle

PassUp is the clone product of letgo. It’s an online classified script. The central concept of product is connect with local people who want to sell or buy stuff. Finding right feature in classified script then visit our demo at Trioangle....

Maria Adserver - Adsense Clone Script

Maria Adserver is the Complete Ad Management script with CPC Ads, CPM Ads, CPA Ads, POP Ads, Native Ads and Video Ads with text, banner, sticky ads, HTML5 Ads, Skin Ads, Responsive Ads, Interstitial Ads, Expandable Ads, Referral System, Retargeting, Country targeting, City targeting, category tar...

Video Adserver | VAST and HTML5 Video Ads Script

Maria Video Adserver is a video ad management script with VAST, HTML5 video, Liner Ads and Non-Linear Ads option created using PHP and MySQL. It is a web platform to start a video advertiser-publisher network like Youtube Video Ads. We can display Linear Ads Pre Roll, Mid Roll and P...

POP Adserver | Popup, Popunder Ad Display Script

Maria POP Adserver is a pop ad management script with pay per impression option. It is created using PHP and MySQL.It is a web platform to start an advertiser-publisher network like Popads,Popcash,Popmyads etc. It supports popup, popunder and new tab format ads for advertisers as well as customiz...

Develop your own online tutoring app now

A tutoring app encompasses several features such as the tutors’ profile, their availability status, and ratings and reviews from students they tutored. It helps students to find tutors that suit their educational needs and time by going through their reviews and schedule classes accordingly...

Native Adserver | Native Ad Display Script

Maria Native Adserver is a native ad management script with Pay per Click (PPC or CPC) + Pay per Mille (pay per 1000 impressions/CPM) + Pay per Action (PPA/CPA) option. It is created using PHP and MySQL.It is a web platform to start a native advertiser-publisher network like Native Ads, Taboola, ...

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