Yakista - the perfect Whatsapp Clone App

There are many clones that are not very successful in the industry and Yakista - Whatsapp Clone App is an exception. It has features that are closest to Whatsapp and its user friendly interface is the best part of all. Several whatsapp clones leave behind a bad user experience and fade away quickly from the tech industry.Unlike these clones, Yakista is sure to win and sustain the race as it is available for IOS and Android users. It is free of cost and does not eat up a lot of memory space as well. How cool is that? It gives a world class user experience with no complication or whatsoever.There is one evident factor for Whatsapp’s massive success and that is “emoji”. People cannot get enough of them already and Yakista has the same feature as well. The Whatsapp Clone app promises to offer a user friendly experience with its supreme list of features.







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