Build a strong community online with our nextdoor clone app

Building a friendly community among your neighbors is not an easy task unless there are transparent relationships between them. However, are you an ambitious and dedicated entrepreneur who wishes to solve the above issue? Yes, that impossible scenario can be solved and made possible with Inoru's engaging social networking Nextdoor app that helps your users create a strong community among their neighbors.

What is Nextdoor?

It is a free private social network app for your neighborhood community.  It comprises features like local news feed, community events, recommendations for local service providers, stores, and more.

Who can benefit from our Nextdoor clone app script?


2.Local businesses

3.Neighborhood associations

Our streamlined app development process

The step by step app development is given in the following.

1.Requirement Analysis


3.Front-end design

4.Back-end development



7.Post-launch support

Why implement your ideas with us?

At Inoru, a leading clone app development company, helps you deliver a high-quality app built by skilled professionals and experts. We deliver,

1.Complete customization

2.Extended support

3.Robust scalability

4.Tight security

5.End to end development

6.Budget-friendly pricing

 In a nutshell,

We at Inoru develop a strong community app that gives your users the ability to have a clear idea about knowing all about their neighborhood community and happenings.








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