How to Develop an Multiservice App

If you’re looking to build an android  app like gojek clone then I’m guessing you’re about to start a business, or you already have one. An app’s a good idea, it’s gonna be a great tool to expand your business to a wider audience. Now, creating an android app from scratch is gonna be a long and expensive task. You are easily looking at a good five-figure number in INR if you want a pretty decent app. And it can cost you an easy six-figure if you’re looking to make a really professional one. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start something up, this might not be very light on your wallet. Well, there is another option that might get you what you need for a much affordable price and it’s gonna work as good as an app developed from scratch. Perhaps better. What you could do is you could get an app clone script and modify it according to your need. There are companies out there making stuff like UberEats clone script, Postmates clones, Gojek clones, and whatnot. Getting in touch with a good company that has these and modifying it for your business is the best thing in my opinion. Hope this helps.

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