Kernel Video Sharing - Dailymotion Clone Script

KVS is undoubtedly the best video content manager in the market.

By using KVS, your work with the content in the administration panel will be very convenient, and you’ll be able to easily solve any routine tasks. In addition to video content, KVS also supports photo and text content, and it can be used both separately and as a supplement to the video.Bulk operations with the content enabling you to alter something or completely re-do at any time and at any stage of the project are a key aspect of a KVS content manager. You’ll always be able to add additional video file formats, screenshots, change their settings or completely re-create them for the entire set of the content.This will give you 100% confidence in your project, as it won’t become obsolete – technologies are subject to change from time to time, and even years later, you’ll be able to take advantage of KVS and take your project to a new stage.








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