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More than 2100+ Cryptocurrencies available85 Currencies supportedLive tradingGet your wallet balanceBuy / Sell Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) with Market & Limit ModeAdvanced coin pageDepth GraphOrder bookPrivate BlockfolioAdvanced trader chart candlesticksTechinical indicators fully customizable10 technical indicatorsTechinical indicators fully customizable (parameters, color, line)Coins history data from 1 minute to 5 monthsLive dataLive trending on chartDetailed Market analysisNews & SocialWatching listHeatmapTop moversLive market (sell/buy) with market balancingCalculator (Cryptocurrency <==> Currencies)Up to 6 charts on the dashboard9 types of dashboards availableNotifications on Mobile, Browser, WindowsAdd notifications easy by double clicking on chart





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