Develop an Oyo Clone app and grow your business with multiplying profits!

Gone are the days when users will have to wait for days to book a room. A revolutionary advancement is here to stay. Invest in Inoru’s highly scalable Oyo Clone and make booking hotel rooms and resorts accessible and efficient for your users. With advanced features for both app users, the admin, and booking agent, with a state of the art UI/UX interface, be the top competitor in the market. Our robust Oyo Clone app solutions can be customized to fit your business needs with a wide range of models to choose from -

1.Merchant Model

2.Aggregator Model

3.Dedicated Model

4.Stand-alone Model 

What more, our Oyo Clone App is built by expert developers with more than 14 years of experience, using top-of-the-line tech stack that is hard to beat. The app comes built-in with an assortment of features guaranteeing a steady flow of revenue in the form of 


2.Registration fees


4.Priority listing

Inoru’s turnaround time and customer service remain unmatched in the industry. So partner with us and make your vision of launching an impressive Oyo Clone app a reality.Get in touch with us to know more.








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