World's First Blockchain Food Delivery App

Online food ordering platforms like Swiggy have been hugely popular, especially with students and office going people who have little time to spare for cooking at home. Most of these people are in cities where the cost of living is also very high and finding affordable food can be a challenge. This has opened up new business opportunities in the food industry. Even you could launch such a business, and you don’t need to bust a sweat. Usually, launching such a platform requires months of research and app development. But that’s just too much work. Your best bet would be to use an ubereats clone app script that can be customized for your business. I say this because a friend of mine was also trying to do the same and the clone app saved him from having to waste a lot of time and money, and he could focus on the business. Now, there are a lot of companies that provide clones but what worked for him is a clone script called Eatzilla. It’s an app from a company called Sparkout Tech Solutions and they are the best in the business right now.  








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