Domain Hosting Management

Domain Hosting Management allows you to save and manage all your data server, domains and social network accounts. Easy, 100% Customizable, Security…The system was made to give domainers an easy to handle and clean overview of how much income or loss they have gained from the domains they have been holding and what is the cost incurred for holding domain and to know purchase & sales made from single domain or from domain holded for many years or purchase and sales from single financial yearThe same system works for hosting also to maintain the cost of servers and the price at which server and hosting are been sold to clients so that webmaster can have a whole overview of purchase and sales from the year. It is made up from different modules and each of them handles different tasks. One for creating, modifying and deleting domains, one for creating, editing and deleting servers one for income calculation and one to know expiring domains, then to know purchase and sales of domains and hosting.








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